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BOTOX Injections in Santa Monica


Botox for a More Youthful You

We may not all be interested in a dramatic facial makeover such as a facelift, but many of the people we meet are curious about what they can do to prolong their youthful appearance or get it back to a certain degree. Often, the answer is BOTOX® Cosmetic. We are proud to offer care that is backed by years of extensive training and experience to help patients of our Santa Monica office look and feel their best.


What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

This injectable solution for certain characteristics of facial aging has been formulated with a minute amount of purified botulinum toxin type A. This mild toxin has a lengthy history in clinical medicine. It was through usage in the treatment of various muscular disorders that the beneficial cosmetic effects of the purified protein were discovered. Since the first use, BOTOX has not slowed down in terms of popularity. In fact, the desire for this treatment has only grown as its advantages have expanded beyond the correction of brow furrows.


How does BOTOX work?

Historically, the botulinum toxin had been something to fear. Despite how the uncontrolled substance may have affected humans who were unaware of its power, this protein demonstrates extraordinary clinical and cosmetic power when used in a highly purified, highly regulated manner. The way that BOTOX works are by blocking the reception of nerve-cell signals within treated muscles by inhibiting the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Without efficient nerve transmissions, the treated muscle freeze to a certain degree.

How does Botox get rid of wrinkles?

The types of wrinkles that are reduced with treatment are often referred to as dynamic wrinkles. The very reason they exist is because of the dynamic movements muscles make during facial expression. In their early stages, dynamic wrinkles are seen only during a given facial expression; a frown, for instance. As the skin changes with age and the muscle become “toned” to its movement, those frown lines remain visible even when the face is resting. Injections of BOTOX smooth wrinkles by allowing underlying muscles to relax from constant contraction.

Where BOTOX injections can be applied?

Initially, BOTOX was approved for the correction of frown lines, aka glabellar lines. Since original approval, though, several more uses for this product have been discovered. Today, BOTOX is commonly used for:

  • Sagging brows
  • Dimpled chin
  • Crow’s feet
  • Drooping corners of the mouth
  • Worry lines, or horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Platysma lines on the neck
  • Underarm sweating
  • Migraines

What to expect from BOTOX Injections at our Santa Monica office?

BOTOX treatment may occur immediately after an initial consultation for care. A tiny needle delivers the product to the selected treatment area or areas, and most patients find this very tolerable.

Side effects of treatment may include:

  • Slight redness at injection points
  • Minor swelling
  • Bruising
  • Slight headache

The side effects of BOTOX treatment generally occur due to injections themselves, not to the systemic effect of the product. If persistent symptoms such as achiness or fever occur, contact your treating physician.

How long will it take before I see results from BOTOX Injections?

Botox works by inhibiting the receptivity of the nerve-endings in muscles. The effect is not immediate, because the purified protein must be thoroughly absorbed for muscles to fully relax. This relaxation may begin to show with a day or two of treatment and will reach its peak after one week.

Fillers and Botox for a One-Two Punch

BOTOX and dermal fillers are complementary treatments that are often performed during the same visit. Dermal fillers are products that are formulated to restore fullness to specific areas of the face and hands. Some fillers are ideal for plumping the lips, some for adding volume to the cheeks to reduce under-eye bags. Together, BOTOX and dermal fillers can beautifully rejuvenate the face from forehead to chin.

How long do results last?

Because BOTOX is metabolized over time, there is no way to predict how long results will last for every person. Generally, patients maintain their smooth skin for 3 to 4 months. Some patients report that they do not need retreatment until about the six-month mark. It has also been said that the results of BOTOX treatment may become extended as regular touch-ups are performed.


What not to do after BOTOX Injections

It is important that the product has time to fully absorb. To facilitate this, and to minimize the risk of side effects such as bruising, patients should:

  • Not lie down for the first few hours after treatment.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Postpone exercise, hot showers or sauna use, and strenuous physical activity.
  • Be mindful not to touch the treatment area.

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