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Spider Vein Treatment Santa Monica


What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small, dilated blood vessels toward the surface of the skin that can appear like a twisted cluster, not unlike a spider web. While common on the legs and face, most individuals feel uncomfortable and self-conscious of their spider veins and wish to erase them rather than cake on make up to cover the unsightly area.

Spider veins may be caused by a number of factors such as:

  • Prolonged periods of standing or sitting
  • Obesity
  • Genetics
  • Changes in hormones, such as pregnancy or menopause.
  • Birth control pills
  • Tumors
  • Excessive pressure on the abdomen from tight garments

Spider veins most often occur in women, however, men may also develop spider veins in their legs, arms, or face as well. Fortunately, there are ways to treat and eliminate spider veins in a variety of skin types and tones for both genders.


Spider Vein Treatment Options

The most effective treatment options for spider veins include laser therapy and sclerotherapy. Laser therapy, such as Vbeam, and GentleLASE, uses a high-intensity light beam to target the damaged veins, safely dissolving the vein tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue and surface layers of skin alone. Sclerotherapy treats the small, unsightly veins using a very fine needle and a saline solution. The veins are injected with the saline solution, which effectively dissolves the veins over a period of three to six weeks. The procedure is fairly simple, however, it is important to only receive sclerotherapy from a board certified professional in order to achieve optimal results and avoid adverse side effects.


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