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Photodynamic Therapy (Amniolevuliniv Acid Treatment) & Allure Image Omni Lux Blue (Blue Light)

The Blue Light and the pulsed dye lasers are effective in treating acne. These lasers work by specifically targeting the bacteria that cause acne and killing them. In addition, excessive oil glands that contribute to acne are shrunken down and eliminated. Photodynamic therapy is another popular method to treat acne. With photodynamic therapy, a solution called 5-ALA is applied to the skin and left on for 10-40 minutes. The area where the 5-ALA was applied is then treated either with the Blue Light or the pulsed dye laser. This combination treatment of 5-ALA and either the Blue Light or pulsed dye laser allows for quicker and significant improvement of acne. These acne lasers and light sources are effective in treating cystic acne, and are alternative forms of treatment to those patients who do not wish to take the oral medication, Accutane, used for acne.

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