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5 Nonsurgical Treatments for Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin

5 Nonsurgical Treatments for Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin

Perhaps you are regretting all of those youthful days spent under the California sun without anything more than a smattering of suntan lotion to protect you from its intense ultraviolet (UV) A and B rays. 

Now, those glowing tans have left you with skin that feels dry or scaly, along with sunspots, wrinkles, and other unwanted effects.

But aging skin isn’t caused by the sun alone. As you age, your body produces fewer of the “ingredients” your skin needs to maintain its elasticity, moistness, and strength. 

Over time, your natural stores of essentials, such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid (HA), and fat, diminish. The result is skin that’s rougher, thinner, drier, and saggier.

At Dermatology Institute & Skin Care Center in Santa Monica, California, our aesthetics team is headed by our founder, dermatologist Paul Yamauchi, MD, PhD. Here, Dr. Yamauchi discusses five nonsurgical treatments for younger-looking skin. 

1. Lasers and light therapy

Did you know that certain types of light can undo that damage and restore your skin’s resilience, smoothness, and health?

Laser and light therapies use different wavelengths of light to improve your skin, such as:

Based on your individualized consultation, we help you decide if laser therapy, intense pulsed light (IPL), or a combination of the two will work best.

2. Facials

Whether you’re in the market to restore your skin’s health and glow, or you want to maintain your youth, facials are a convenient and cost-effective option. A facial is customized to your needs to make the following improvements to your skin:

If you want smooth and radiant skin, add regular facials to your beauty and health regimen.

3. Chemical peels

Chemical peels use varying strengths of acids to exfoliate your top layer of skin. They help your skin do what it used to do naturally in its youth — quickly turn over and eliminate dead skin cells so that healthy new skin cells can take their place.

Not only do regular chemical peels eliminate sun spots and fine lines, but they also improve the health of your follicles so that they’re more resistant to acne. You can even use a peel to improve the look and texture of old scars.

4. Dermaplaning

If you want silky smooth skin, dermaplaning is for you. During this highly skilled procedure, our team uses a special stainless steel blade to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz, too.

Peach fuzz tends to collect clumps of dead skin cells, giving your skin a dull look. It also prevents your make-up from going on smoothly and lasting throughout the day. 

A dermaplaning procedure softens your skin by removing the scaly outer layer and instantly revealing fresh skin underneath. It also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin to create healthier, tighter, and glowing skin.

5. Dermalinfusion

SilkPeel® dermalinfusion is a dynamic aesthetic technology that exfoliates your skin and drenches it with nutrients. SilkPeel features a diamond-tip applicator that gently removes dead skin cells without irritation or pain.

SilkPeel is one of the most efficient skin treatments available. In a one-hour session, it completes five functions:

We customize your serum treatment based on your skin’s needs. You can choose a single SilkPeel to dramatically boost your skin’s health, or make it a regular part of your regular beauty regimen.

Improve the health and vitality of your skin so you won’t ever be tempted by the surgeon’s knife. Book your nonsurgical skin rejuvenation session today by phoning our friendly staff. Or, send us a message online. 

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