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What to Expect from Laser Resurfacing

When it comes to having the perfect flawless skin that you’ve always wanted, it takes a little more work than using the right skin care. Here at Dermatology Institute & Skin Care Center, we have a variety of skin treatments to help give patients the skin of their dreams. One of those treatments? Laser resurfacing.

Here at our office, we have several laser treatments that can treat a variety of skin issues including:


During your initial consultation, we will go over your skin concerns and help you land on the right alser treatment for you. If you’ve never had a laser treatment before, here are a few things that you can expect.

Your Skin May Be Tender Afterward

Depending on the area you are getting treatment and what kind of laser treatment we conduct will dictate just how tender your skin will be afterward. To help ease any tenderness, try to avoid harsh skin care products that contain ingredients like glycolic acid or retinol. If you have questions about any of the skin care products you are using and how they will react to your lasered skin, feel free to call us at any point.

Your Skin May Be Prone to Sunburns

With many laser procedures, the top few layers of the skin will be targeted to help with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and anything else. Because laser makes your skin a bit more sensitive, you are more likely to burn which is why we encourage our patients to avoid too much direct sun.


One of the side effects of many laser procedures is tender , red skin. All this usually means is that your laser procedure is doing its job. To help soothe red skin, apply a non-fragrance moisturizer to it a few times a day until the redness dies down.

Laser procedures are a great way to help treat a variety of skin concerns. Are you ready to learn more about laser treatments? Schedule your appointment at our Santa Monica office today: 310-829-4104.

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