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Yes, You Should Get Regular Facials

Yes, You Should Get Regular Facials

You wouldn’t just brush your teeth once and then assume they were self-cleaning from then on. Why, then, wouldn’t you regularly schedule professional skin cleaning and maintenance?

Expert dermatologist Paul Yamauchi, MD, PhD, and our team at Dermatology Institute & Skin Care Center keep your skin healthy and radiant with regular facials and other skincare treatments at our Santa Monica, California, office. Why is a monthly or bi-monthly facial essential for healthy skin? Read on to find out.

Facials remove impurities

Let’s face it: Santa Monica is beautiful. But our ocean breezes still carry pollutants from automobile exhausts, wildfires, and factories. We’re exposed to toxins and chemicals every day — both inside and out. And since our skin is the barrier between the polluted exterior and our inner organs, it gets the brunt of impurities.

A facial cleanses the outer, protective layer of skin from the toxins it’s exposed to every day. We also remove clogged oil and debris from your pores through extraction. 

Even if you don’t currently have acne or other blemishes, a regular facial ensures that your skin stays clear. Facials remove dead skin cells and excess oil that may otherwise accumulate in your pores or create a rough and dull texture to your skin.

Facials stimulate circulation

A facial includes a relaxing massage that not only makes your face feel better but also releases tension from your entire body. The massage also stimulates blood flow to the face. Your blood is filled with nutrients and oxygen that nourish your skin cells from the inside out.

The increased blood flow removes toxins and damaged strands of proteins from your skin’s inner layers. You may notice a rosy glow to your skin after your facial, thanks to increased and robust blood flow.

Facials help your skin rejuvenate

When you’re young, your skin cells revitalize quickly — old cells are sloughed off and new ones take their place.

As you age, however, your cell turnover rate slows. A facial helps boost the turnover rate by exfoliating dead skin cells, revealing newer skin underneath. The massage also improves blood flow to the area, so your skin can rebuild itself more efficiently.

Depending on your needs, we may select ingredients for your facial that help boost cell turnover. If you have aging skin, for instance, your facial may include retinoids that encourage your skin cells to rebuild themselves and rid themselves of old, dead skin debris.

Facials nourish your skin

A facial is more than a massage and a cleaning, though. The medical-grade ingredients we use are formulated for your skin type and its individual needs. We may use ingredients such as retinoids and antioxidants to keep your skin healthy and strong.

We also feature an in-house skin, medical-grade skincare line known as Sutani™. The Sutani line features cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, scrubs, and sunblock that help your skin stay strong and safe between regular facials.

Regular facials catch problems in the bud

Just as regular teeth cleanings reduce your risk for gum disease and tooth decay, scheduling an appointment at our office every month or so means that you have expert eyes on your skin when you need it. 

We modify your facials to your changing needs. We also notice when you develop a potential medical issue, including changes to your moles that could be a precursor to skin cancer.

A facial also gives you a chance to explore other treatments to keep your skin radiant and healthy. For instance, if you’ve noticed an increase in dark spots, or if you’d like to erase wrinkles or creases, we can add treatments to your session.

Give your hands a “facial”, too

The skin on your hands, like that on your neck and under your eyes, is extremely thin. Even if you’ve taken excellent care of your face, crepey and spotted hands may detract from the effect.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends light chemical peels for aging hands every 1-3 months. Also, be sure to apply a topical lotion or cream containing a retinol or glycolic before bed.

Give your skin the help it needs to stay healthy, vibrant, and clear by booking your facial today. Phone our friendly staff to set up a facial appointment or send us an online message

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