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3 Myths About Psoriasis

If you look at Kim Kardashian, all you will see is a perfect complexion that in many cases has been photoshopped. One thing that you likely won’t see, however, is her psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a condition that causes dry, itchy patches to form all across the body and scalp. If you have just been diagnosed with psoriasis or if you have recently learned more about this condition, we have created a list of three myths about it.


Myth #1: It’s Rare

You may not think you know anyone who has psoriasis but you likely do— they just haven’t told you. Psoriasis affects nearly 7 million Americans which means that if you have been diagnosed with this skin condition, you are certainly not alone.

Myth #2: It’s Curable

One of the biggest misconceptions about psoriasis is that it is curable. Unfortunately, that is not the case yet. Although there are a variety of psoriasis treatments that we can offer patients here at Dermatology Institute & Skin Care Center, we have yet to find the cure. Treatment options for psoriasis include topical creams like hydrocortisone, Dovonex®, and Tazorac®. Additionally, oral medications like methotrexate, cyclosporine, and Soriatane® are effective in treating psoriasis. For more severe cases of psoriasis, ultraviolet light therapy and ultraviolet laser (B-Clear) are used.

Myth #3: It’s Contagious

If you see someone with spots all over their skin, your initial instinct may be to stay far away because you may be worried that it’s contagious. Although there are some genetic components of psoriasis, it’s not contagious.

Understanding some basic concepts about psoriasis will help you feel more informed about your skin condition. Ready to learn more? Schedule your consultation at our Santa Monica office today: 310-829-4104

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